Transformational Manufacturing Leadership Event


Join us online - Thursday March 26th, 2015 from 10:00 to 10:30 EDT

This event is the first of a webinar series dedicated to the manufacturing based businesses.

This kick off session is intended for business owners, executives and managers that deal with "The big picture" and are called on to blaze a strategic path for their organizations.

Flexibility and a transformational attitude is paramount to achieve excellence, competitiveness and increased profitability.

Join us to discover how NXAMG; in conjunction with the right tooling, can set you on the path to success!

Today's North American manufacturers are facing major business challenges. Regardless of the industry you are operating in, the following factors are constantly threatening our financial and quality performances.

Globalization, is not a phenomenon limited to large corporations, especially at a competitive level.

  • Increasing product complexity and technologies/systems integrations - Your customer’s requirements are getting more and more complex and incidentally your processes, systems and equipment, more and more sophisticated.
  • Natural resource costs affect raw materials as well as energy consumption.
  • Lack of skilled labourers - According to the USA-AME, in 2011 82% percent of manufacturers had a moderate to serious shortage of skilled production workers. Affecting this statistic was that the most knowledgeable resources were age 55 or more and likely to retire in the next 10 years.
  • Delivery - in time and on budget.
  • Increasing regulation and compliancy processes. 
  • Adequate education to respond to the actual need in the marketplace. 

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