A Complete Computer-Aided Manufacturing Solution

NX provides complete computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions for machine tool programming, postprocessing and machining simulation. NX CAM’s advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments in the latest machine tool technology.

Adopted across many industries, NX delivers proven capabilities for manufacturing in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, mold and die, and machinery industries.

Advanced Programming Capabilities

NX CAM software provides a wide range of functionality, from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining, enabling you to address many tasks with one system. The flexibility of NX CAM means that you can easily complete the most demanding jobs.

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  • NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling
  • NX CAM 3-Axis Milling
  • High-Speed Machining
  • NX CAM 5-Axis Milling
  • NX CAM Wire EDM
  • NX CAM Turning
  • Machinery Part Programming
  • Multi-Function Machine Tools
  • NX Turbomachinery Milling

Programming Automation

The latest NC programming automation technologies in NX CAM can improve your manufacturing productivity. With feature-based machining (FBM), you can reduce programming time by as much as 90 percent. In addition, templates enable you to apply pre-defined, rules-driven processes to standardize and speed your programming tasks.

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Postprocessing and Simulation

NX CAM software has a tightly integrated postprocessing system that enables you to easily generate the required NC code for almost any type of machine tool and controller configuration. Multiple levels of NC program validation include G-code-driven simulation, which eliminates the need for separate simulation packages.

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Integrated Solution

NX provides advanced CAD tools that can be used for everything from modeling new parts and preparing part models for CAM, to creating setup drawings directly from 3D model data.

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Programming Productivity

You can easily access the advanced NC programming functions in NX CAM software. For example, the latest user interaction techniques and intuitive graphical driven programming enable you to quickly create NC programs.

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Solution Connectivity

Connecting NX CAM to Teamcenter software for data and process management establishes a basis for an extended part manufacturing solution. All types of data, including 3D part models, setup sheets, tool lists and CNC output files can be easily managed with full revision control. This data and process management ensures that the right data, including correct tooling, and right NC programs are deployed, resulting in reduced delays and costs.